Gauge, after being cheated on by his fiancé, runs to Savannah Georgia and becomes entangled in a love triangle between a waitress with a past and a prostitute longing for something sincere, forcing him to confront the nature of his pain.

Gauge, a skilled carpenter, flees to Savannah Georgia to escape the anguish caused by his fiancé’s infidelities. The fresh wounds cause Gauge to be constantly reminded of his pain, leading him to intervene in the life of the mysterious, young, prostitute Violet. In an effort to find her a real job after her arrest, he also becomes entangled in the life of Lila, a waitress that wants to help Violet get her life on the right track.

As Violet starts to find normalcy, Gauge and Lila begin to fall in love, but both Gauge and Lila’s past wounds prevent them from confessing their true feelings to one another. After Violet notices the two are becoming close, Lila is driven to confess her demons to Gauge and test their blooming relationship. But, when the enamored Violet discovers the two are in love, the devastation sends all three on a collision course that will see all their sins laid bare.



Take an emotional journey through the streets of Savannah.



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