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At Scientific Romance, we believe that every story is a gateway to the extraordinary. We passionately champion the art of wonder, crafting tales that not only entertain but also inspire awe, challenge perceptions, and ignite the imagination.

Rooted in a love for speculative fiction and a drive to push creative boundaries, our mission is to create entertainment experiences that are as captivating as they are thought-provoking. From the uncharted depths of space to the mysteries of the human soul, our projects are thrilling voyages into the unexplored.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through our portfolio to explore our latest adventures. Connect with us in the About section to discover the visions and values that guide our quest. We invite you on a journey behind the scenes where the boundaries of reality blur, and every narrative is an opportunity to explore new realms of creativity.

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In a retro dystopian future dominated by corporations, a young man trained as a weapon must navigate deadly intrigues and moral dilemmas to discover his true purpose and protect those he loves.

A young couple’s relationship is tested when they choose different paths after their country is invaded due to a dwindling supply of the magical force known as Aether.

When an investigative journalist risks her life to uncover a global conspiracy after being contacted by a government whistleblower, she discovers the answer to the question, “What is a Judge?”

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!