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Four jobless, thirty something men, who are married to successful women, struggle to find their way through life.

Housebands is about four guys and their complacent attitudes towards life. These guys attempt to live up what most men would consider the best living situation ever: being married to a “sugar mama.” Even though each tries to work towards their own ideas of self-fulfillment, they end up simply drifting through life. When their delicate balance is upset, they work diligently (and comically) to maintain their comfortable status quo.

The guys spend an inordinate amount of time defending themselves and their personal lives from each other to mask their own insecurities. Steve defends his poorly written screenplays, Tom, his obsession with video games, Fred, his being a shattered, husk of man, and Bob must completely cover up his being a good husband and father by berating the others.



pdf_icon[ Housebands – “Pilot” – 30 Pages – PDF ]


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Written By Paul Pratt
Based on a story by Paul Pratt and Jeff Roszkowski
Logo Created by Paul Pratt
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