Able Squad

Able Squad is a live action adaptation of the 90s animated series Exo-Squad re-imagined for a new generation.

Humanity has colonized the planets of our solar system. Faced with extremely hostile environments, “Neosapiens” were genetically engineered to tame these rich lands of profit. Raised into slavery, the Neosapiens rose up to throw off the shackles of their human masters but were narrowly beaten back. In the aftermath of the uprising, Neosapiens are granted some control over their destinies but they are still second class citizens and seen as provocateurs.

Many decades later, the United Home Worlds are confronted with terrorism, civil unrest, piracy, and the threat of secession from the United Colonies of Saturn. Able Squad, an elite group of Marine specialists, fight to keep the fracturing solar system together, but humanity finds itself betrayed amidst one of its greatest crises.



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Screenplay Written By Paul Pratt
Story by Paul Pratt and Andrew McAlister and Justin Meadows
Based On Universal Cartoon Studios animated series “Exo-Squad”
Image Credits: drigzabrot (For Chronicles of the Void)
Original Resolute Image:
Logo Created by Paul Pratt, Based on Exo-Squad Logo
Exo-Squad is property of NBCUniversal.