flagship resolute II from exo-squad by D.M. Phoenix, able squad logo by Paul Pratt

Able Squad is a live action adaptation of the 1990s “First American Anime” cartoon series Exo-Squad, now re-imagined for a new generation.

Able Squad, an elite group of Marine specialists, fight to keep the fracturing solar system together, but humanity finds itself betrayed during its greatest crisis.

an exo-squad like concept example from artist drigzabrot from the chronicles of the void RPG

In the future Humanity has colonized the inner planets of our solar system in search of new frontiers and exotic resources, creating a golden age of prosperity. Joining together as the United Homeworld’s, the human race now sets it’s gaze to the outer planets for rapid expansion. However, former colonists and prisoners sent to mine the moons of Saturn long ago have banded together into a secessionist group called the United Clans of Saturn. Now labeled pirates they hope to hold onto their homes and keep the United Homeworld’s from taking what they and their ancestors claimed generations ago.

Because of their comfortable lives, Homeworld’s citizens did not want to face inhospitable, alien environments. As a result, humanity creates genetically engineering beings called “Neosapiens” to tame the rich lands of profit. Being bought and sold as mindless instruments of production, the super human Neosapiens were veritable slaves.

After decades of degrading oppression, the Neosapiens rose up in a gruesome guerilla war to throw off their shackles. Despite being beaten back, with a large outcry of public support, the Neosapiens gain some autonomy over their collective destiny but they are still regarded as second class citizens and viewed as provocateurs.

As tensions rise between the United Homeworlds and the United Clans of Saturn, with war looming on the horizon, humanity finds itself betrayed during its greatest crisis.

resolute II from exo-squad by D.M. Phoenix

Able Squad (Exo-Squad) Downloads


pdf_icon[ “Pilot – Part 1” – 120 Pages – PDF ]

pdf_icon[ “Pilot – Part 2” – 120 Pages – PDF ]

Writers and Pitch Bibles

pdf_icon[ Writer’s Bible – 100 Pages – PDF ]

pdf_icon[ Pitch Bible – 25 Pages – PDF ]


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Writer’s Commentary

Coming Soon!

Screenplay Written By Paul Pratt
Story by Paul Pratt & Andrew McAlister and Justin Meadows
Based On Universal Cartoon Studios animated series “Exo-Squad”
Image Credits: drigzabrot (For Chronicles of the Void)
Resolute CGI: http://www.phoenixium.com/
Logo Created by Paul Pratt, Based on Exo-Squad Logo
Exo-Squad is property of NBCUniversal.